How do I find my dream house?

It is true, that to find the dream house in Tenerife is not always easy, however there are many beautiful houses which are on sale or for rent. 

Even though I am working in real estate for years, each client is a new challenge for me and I work with pleasure on every project. So your dream house does not have to remain a dream, but become a reality. Hypnos real estate guarantees professional service!

Or maybe you are looking for an apartment instead of a house?

Of course I look for the best possible property which fits well with your wishes and budget. There are lots of apartments with great sea views. Let’s set up the meeting so I can show you what you have been looking for!


How much the properties in Tenerife cost?

This is equally important for both the seller and the buyer. For the seller ,and the buyer as well, we try to set the price that suits the market. Therefore, it is very important to take a professional advice to help you make a real assessment of the property. Neither exaggerated high prices, nor exaggerated low prices help involved sides to agree.


Who carries out the legal processes of the sale?

Thanks to my collaborators (lawyer office, notary, management firms) I can offer you a full legal service. 

I also speak perfectly german and know german customs, so people from Germany and other german speaking countries form a very important group among my clients.

I accompany my clients from the very beginning until the whole transaction is closed. I also offer after sales service whenever a problem arises.


You wish to renovate or redecorate your new property?

I can mediate between you and a small renovation business which is 100% professional and safe. They will do everything, so your wishes for changes can become a reality without any surprises.